What is the NHS 50 plan?


Life QI introduced the 'NHS 50' plan for NHS Trusts and CCGs in England who had previously had their use of Life QI paid for by their Academic Health Science Network (AHSN).

The plan allows these NHS organisations in England affected by the change in AHSN funding to continue using Life QI free of charge, with some restrictions. 

If your AHSN is no longer funding your use of Life QI, and your organisation doesn't already have a paid subscription to Life QI, then your organisation has automatically been transferred onto the NHS 50 plan.

Not all NHS organisations in England are affected by this change in funding and new plan. Some AHSNs continue to fund their region's use of Life QI, and some NHS organisations already have paid plans for Life QI providing greater level of use, functionality and support. If you are unsure how your organisation is affected by this, please contact us on info@lifeqisystem.com.

What does the NHS 50 plan include?

The free NHS 50 plan includes:

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Further restrictions may be introduced.

 *  Available on all paid plans.

**  Any dedicated training required is chargeable. For information on the training service available contact info@lifeqisystem.com.

The NHS 50 plan comes with the same level of security that every organisation benefits from. Read more about security measures. 

What other plans are available?

As well as the NHS 50 plan, there are 2 paid plans to consider:

NHS 500 - 500 user licences for £4,990 pa

NHS 2000 - 2000 user licences for £14,990 pa

Both plans include everything in NHS 50 plus:

  • More users
  • Customisable reporting and analytics
  • Project templates
  • Bulk user invites
  • Enhanced support and training

Need more than 2,000 users? Contact us to discuss a tailored plan.

What are the benefits of a paid plan?

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My organisation has more than 50 users but wants to stay on the NHS 50 plan – what do we do?

You can stay on the NHS 50 plan but you will be restricted to 50 users who can access your organisation's content. Any users over the 50 will be limited to 'restricted access'.

When the user restrictions are implemented for your organisation the 50 most recently active users will retain full access. All other users will become Restricted Access users.

Your Admin users can manage your allocation of 50 user licences by assigning, revoking and re-assigning them to the users who require them. A fair usage policy applies to how many times you can re-assign licences within a month; you will be warned if you are exceeding this fair usage policy.

Instructions on how to revoke user licences can be found here: https://help.lifeqisystem.com/admin-guide/assigning-and-managing-user-licences.

What happens to users above the 50 number when the 50 user restriction is implemented?

Any users over and above the 50 allowed per organisation will become Restricted Access users.

These users will still be able to access Life QI, but they will not have access to organisational information (such as other projects taking place within the organisation), nor will they be able to share their projects with colleagues. Any projects they had previously been part of will remain on Life QI and linked to their organisation, but the restricted mode user will no longer have access to them. They will only have access to any personal projects they create. See the ‘what is a Restricted User’ FAQ below for more info or review this help article.

The 50 users who retain full access rights will be the 50 users who have most recently logged in to Life QI.

What happens when we reach 50 users and new people sign up?

Additional users will be setup as Restricted Access users giving them access to most Life QI features but they will not be able to see other users’ work or share their projects with the organisation and colleagues.

If one of these restricted users needs to have full access to Life QI and your organisation's data, your Admin user(s) will need to revoke another users' licence and assign it to the user who needs it. Instructions on how to do this are included in the help centre: https://help.lifeqisystem.com/admin-guide/assigning-and-managing-user-licences.

What is a Restricted User?

Restricted Access users can utilise the much of the same functionality within Life QI as general users, e.g. create projects, build driver diagrams, populate SPC charts. The primary difference is Restricted Access users do not have the ability to see other users’ work or share their projects with the organisation and colleagues. Nor can they access the People or Organisations modules.

Restricted Access users can only create personal projects/programmes

Personal projects are not visible to any other users. You cannot share a personal project, nor can other users request to join personal projects. They are only visible to you.

Find out more about restricted access on the help centre:What is restricted access?

My organisation wants to have access for more than 50 users – what do we do?

There are different options available depending on the number of licences you require and the type of functionality you wish to use.  See the ‘what other plans are available’ section of this page for further information, or simply get in touch on info@lifeqisystem.com or 0203 966 6967.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about the above or would like to discuss your Life QI plan in more detail please contact:

Jason Williams - jason.williams@lifeqisystem.com, 0203 966 6967

Erika Kittow - erika.kittow@lifeqisystem.com, 0203 966 6867

For help guidance check out the help centre or contact our support team on help@lifeqisystem.com.